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Could a lightsaber cut through adamantium?

Could a lightsaber cut through adamantium?

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  4. jordanbradley answered: yes
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  6. court-of-the-unkown answered: i think the lightsabar
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  8. otakuheadquaters answered: maybe
  9. thebonnie answered: well, wolverine’s skeleton survived an atom bomb blast, so maybe not? Not sure !
  10. manganizums answered: NIEN
  11. infiniti-8 answered: even if it were possible, i’m sure wolverine would just take on having lightsaber claws
  12. demoniclinguini answered: YES
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  14. brightbunny answered: yes
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  16. f4n74 answered: Sim!
  17. embracethehorrorflick answered: Interesting question. Someone has to try to work the physics between lightsabers and adamantium claws up. Long story short, I’m not sure.
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  24. dakotatwins answered: Nope.
  25. youfancymemaddearie answered: Erm…maybe
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